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Vill- Niyamatpur Kalan, P.O.- Purushottampur , Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, zip-231305


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About Lava kush Singh "Vishwmanav"
Lava Kush Singh "Vishwmanav" a living legend of forward step of Swami Vivekananda & Final step of complete Brahm i.e KALKI MAHAAVTAAR of God. Born at Indian Oil Corporation Refinery Township Hospital Begusarai (Bihar) & resident of Mirzapur Distt. (Satyakashi area of kashi 84 kos yatra) Of U.P. India.
Whole discovery & discoverer are "ONE IN ALL" & "ALL IN ONE" at any dimension & real spiritualism with satisfaction of material science.
Whole discovery is based on realization of human society by UNIVERSAL UNIFIED TRUTH THEORY. This is totally establishment part of thoughts of Swami Vivekanand delivered at World Religion of Parliament in 1893 at Chicago. Which is not completed till date.

Work of Lava kush Singh "Vishwmanav"

1- The Book VISHWSHASTRA : The knowledge of final knowledge.
For the upliftment of current Time (Era or Yug) i.e. Establishment of Golden era (SWARNYUG) and realization of personal mind (Vyashti) with combined mind (Samashti). Like upliftment of TRETAYUG to DWAPARYUG Ramayan by Valmiki was enlighten the human society, upliftment of DWAPARYUG to KALYUG Mahabharat by Maharshi Vyas was enlighten the human society, the VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge, including VISHWBHARAT, the world religion, secular religion literature KARMAVEDA : the first, final & fifth veda, World Standard (WS) of mind series is discovered by Lava Kush Singh "Vishwmanav" for the realization & upliftment of KALYUG to SWARNYUG.

A final new & discovery of meditation & yoga for fifth yug i.e. Swarnayug

3- Writing a film named VISHWGURU: The brain terminator (Representative cinema of India) in Hindi, English & Bangla language.
A knowledge war between qualified person & experienced person. result is establishment of VISHWGURU, Swami vivekanand as a RASHTRAPUTRA & a thought for starting a new era after 21st Dec. 2012.

4- Writing a film named JAI MAA KALKI like JAI MAA SANTOSHI.
Born of new Devi maa according to story of kalki avataar & maa vaishno devi.

5- Concept of T.V. Serial VISHWBHARAT like MAHABHARAT. Story after the mahabharat to final avataar : Kalki Mahaavataar.

6- Concept of a film named MY TEN WIFE ON EARTH, DON-5 & DEMOCRACY.

Object & Value of VISHWSHASTRA

Object of trust & Literature VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge is-

1. To provide complete & final knowledge through one book as a supplementary book of complete knowledge in this knowledge based era.
2. Complete knowledge, Realization, Globalization, Universalization of mind i.e. At knowledge level all are equal & at professional knowledge level are different by one book.
3. To provide one DHARMASHASTRA to WORLD NATION based on secular world religion. For INDIA like national flag, national anthem, national bird, national animal, national flower etc.
4. To provide world standard of mind for standardization of human resources.
5. To provide complete human manufacturing technology WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C for manufacturing of complete human to protect, peace & united world.
6. To create a new integral workism i.e. Uni spirit workism i.e. EKATMKARMVAD view.
7. To permanently close the competition for KALKI AVTAAR.
8. To prove the Mayan's the end date of earth 21st December 2012, is the end date of Era & start date of new era, not the end date of earth.


1- Satyayoganand Math
In the memory of own master.
2- Natural Truth Mission
Secular form of Ram Krishna Mission
3- Vishwmanav Foundation
Legal holder of complete work of lava kush singh "Vishwmanav"
4- Satyakashi Universal Integration Science University (
Satyakashi Universal Integration Science University (SU-ISU) is a Educational & Public Charitable trust registered under Trust Act. Established in 5th October 2010 (World Teacher day).
a. To create a new subject of study Godics, Integration Science, Standard Science from the "VISHWSHASTRA"
b- Construction of Integration science city
c- Construction of Vishw Dharma Mandir (a practical experience of Dharma)
5- Satyakashi Trust (
a- Introducing the area of fifth, seventh & final kashi : satyakashi.
b- Establishment of 13th & final Jyotirlinga named BHOGESHWAR NATH at Satyakashi area.
c- Establishment of fifth & final peeth- Satyakashi Peeth
d- Construction of Final Devi of World - Maa Kalki Devi Mandir
e- Construction of Satyakashi Nagar - a 3 in 1 city at Jargo Dam (Chunar) near Kashi (Varanasi)

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Let\'s start for the world\'s new era : Golden Era after 21st Dec.2012