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416, marathon max, lbs marg, mulund(w), , Mumbai, Maharashtra, zip-400080

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We manufacture a large variety of air cooled coolers to cool different mediums like oil, water, air, and gas & hydrocarbons. the heat exchangers manufactured by us are of different sizes & using variety of materials like copper, steel, and brass & aluminum. all these air cooled coolers are custom designed as per customer specification for heat transfer & size. our product range includes:-air coolers,air cooled heat exchangers,acoustic enclosures,aerofoil axial fans,aluminum/brazed oil coolers,coal bed methane compressor coolers,radiators,coal bed methane cooler assembly,coal bed methane cooler,compressed natural gas coole,copper/brass radiators,forced draft coolers,gas coolers, high pressure air coolers,machine cover,oil coolers,oil cooler assembly,quench cooler, process coolers,radiator cum oil cooler assembly,radiator assembly,small process cooler,1650 kva air fin cooler,3000 kva air fin cooler,wire wound oil coolers,inter coolers.our plant is certified for u & r stamp. we are an active member of htri & use it for all our design. good quality water is a fast depleting source from the face of the earth. as good quality water gets scarce, running & maintenance of conventional shell & tube exchangers gets more expensive & difficult. the other option is to supplement or replace them with air fin coolers. we would like to offer our services for the design & manufacture of above coolers. in this age of globalize market, one has to look for synergies & innovative working mechanisms. as experts in using wind:- our next initiative as mentioned in many forums is to use the wind energy to produce electricity. enginemates heat transfer works with a reputed company which has done many installations around the world. the product has been tested over two years to provide you with one of the most efficient renewable energy source equipment. our windmills are small but very efficient in capturing the wind to provide us with the power that we require. the small windmill technology is supported by some of the best blades which are used along with the other components of the windmill to make it a powerful tool for producing energy. these windmills can be used in farmhouses,bungalows,domestic uses,resort,agriculture purposes,educational institutes,small scale industry,ngos,central/state government agencies,even on the roof top of your building etc these wind mills could be used even in an area where wind blows with an average speed.these wind turbines have built an excellent reputation in the small wind turbines industry worldwide. at present we supply wind turbines in the range of 1kw to 50kw. allow us to study your site to tell you which model will work for you.

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