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Changsha Organic Herb Inc.

Changsha, New Delhi

+86 731 82967871


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Organic herb inc. (ohi) has been dedicated to the research and development of innovative nutraceutical ingredients since 1993. our commitment to science and quality control has earned ohi recognition within the industry as a trusted supplier of ingredients of the highest quality.ohi is dedicated to providing superior botanical extracts, competitive pricing, and unequaled customer service well into the 21st century. our major standardized product, such as: shikimic acid, radix isatidis extract,collagen, melatonin, green tea extract, egcg, ginkgo biloba extract 80%mogrosides 25% mogrosides vi, black sesame extract 90 percent sesamin, flaxseed extract 25 percent lignans sdg secoisolariciresinol diglycoside, honeysuckle flower extract 99 percent chlorogenic acid, 5-htp, resveratrol 99 percent, ginseng root extract 80 percent ginsenosides, grape seed extract 95 percent opc, soy bean extract 40 percent isoflavones, huperzine a 99 percent, tanshinone ii a 80 percent, synephrine

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