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steel forgings are forgings for carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel

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steel forgings


Steel forging is one of the oldest metal forming methods and involves repetitive manual or powered impact to force red hot steel into a certain shape. The metal is heated in a forge and hammered over a shaped jig or between the two halves of a fuller set to achieve its final form. Manual steel forging is carried out by a blacksmith using smaller, handheld hammers,tongs, and chisels, with the hammering typically taking place on an anvil. Drop forged steel produced by powered forges are hammered by large trip hammers capable, in some cases, of exerting significant amounts of pressure when striking the hot metal. Steel forgings are usually believed to be superior to those made by other methods such as casting. This is due to the fact that the hammering of the metal during forming eliminates most of the microscopic crystalline flaws, such as air bubbles and fissures, which characterize cast parts. This structural integrity makes steel forgings stronger and better-suited to applications that involve high pressures and temperatures. This strength makes these steel forgings ideal for oil and gas piping systems, machinery parts, and the internal mechanisms of high-pressure valves.

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