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drop forging is a forging process for steel,aluminum,brass,ect

Drop forging China

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Drop forging is the production in quantity of articles in metal by means of a falling weight forcing the heated material into a die,which is one of types of forging processes. It is only within the last 6o years or so that drop forging as it is known to-day has been practised. Since the beginning of this century great development has taken place owing to the growth of the motor industry and the increasing de mand for mechanical transport. An enormous number of the parts of an automobile are now drop forged, e.g., the engine crankshaft, connecting rods, bearing caps, tappets, rockers, valves, flywheels, gears, actuating forks, couplings, levers and lever brackets. On the chassis, the front axles, back axle casings, swivels, stub axles, wheel hubs, steering levers, brake levers, pedal levers and plates, differential gears and pinions, brake shoes and brackets are all made by this method, even small articles such as wind-screen pil lars, wing-nuts and stainless door-handles being made under the drop hammer. The development of aviation finds much employ ment for drop forging in connection with propeller hubs, crank shafts, connecting rods, valves, brackets, gears, etc. Great accu racy is demanded for this work, both for weight and strength ; very fine limits are imposed, and the forgings are subjected to severe tests by the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate. Many other industries use drop forged articles, common products being scissor blanks, surgical instruments and heavy gears for railway work.

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