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One Try India is a Registered, Non-Profit Public Charitable organization, working towards its objectives of helping poor people for their Health and Education. One Try India highly believes in education because it is a necessity for a better tomorrow. With the help of education, poor people can improve their living standards. So, One Try India provides basic education to the poor children. As far as Health is concerned One Try India provides funds for medical facilities because there are so many poor people who are die due to lack of money and knowledge.
3 Lakh more Girls than Boys die every year.
85% working children are working in Rural India.
24% of India's Children are underweight at birth.
50% of Indian children aged 6 to 18 do not go to School.
You can donate blood 168 times between the ages of 18 to 60 years.
Over 20 crore Indians will sleep hungry tonight.
Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.

One Try India is the registered NGO (#2420) has been working for the welfare of society and has been helping poor people through various programs, campaign and social work. One try India Trust would like to help financially week people who cannot afford the medical expenses in the hospital. One try India Trust is working for the mentioned below cause:
1. Health – Trust provide medical facilities to needful people who are not in the condition to bear there medical expenses. We organize medical awareness campaigns. a. Wetake all responsibilities and financial expenses for medicines /livelihood for families falling into below poverty line.
b. Blood donation campaign is also organized by us but not regular.
c. We are also playing a major role in Polio awareness campaigns
d. Medicine distribution in BPL areas like anti-Mosquitoes.
e. Further we would also provide free ambulance service.
2. Education – We are providing basic education in the charitable schools functional in Delhi/NCR, we provide school dress/shoes and study material to the poor children’s.
3. Environment- one try India Trust is trying to educate people about environment.
One Try India a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide health care facility and high quality education for low income communities. To promote the overall development of children, youth and women in rural and urban areas in India, who are socially and economically deprived; To provide family centered home based intensive services to children, youth and women in dysfunctional families in slums and backward areas in India; To sensitize rural and urban children and women on various environmental issues and concerns through education, training and communication; To create public awareness on the rights of the child and women and to work for the promotion, protection and defense of children’s and women’s rights. Focus on education sponsorship; home based care and school placement for children in dysfunctional families; referral services to children for problem children; family counseling; environmental education for children and children and women rights education.
One Try India to help those people who cannot afford the medical expenses in the hospital, falling into below poverty line.
One Try India would like to work with environment is very necessary because if environment is good then we are healthy and good.
One Try India envision every child in India is healthy and education.

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